The learning platform and beyond.

  • Design your architecture
  • Deploy with one click
  • Modify on the fly
  • Plug it anywhere

Explore how easy you can design and deploy complex virtual infrastructure.

What is StackLabs.

Stacklabs help the system engineers and administrators of today and tomorrow:

  • to develop and maintain their skills and knowledge needed for doing their work with cloud infrastructure elements
  • such as cloud operating systems, software defined networks and storage
  • all of that in an easy to use and effective manner

What is StackLabs

Who should choose StackLabs.

  • Universities and other training organisations, which feature OpenStack in their curricula
  • Companies that want to provide an OpenStack learning platform to their employees - IT professionals
  • Freelance system engineers and administrators.

Who should use StackLabs

Who are we and what's our story.

Stacklabs is built on:

  • 15 years of experience in internationally delivering high-quality technical training for advanced IT infrastructure equipment such as storage systems to thousands students in over 20 countries
  • 7 years of expertise in developing and operating virtual labs solutions
  • OpenStack exposure from its launch.

Who is StackLabs

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